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Namaste! Serenity


Thursday June 16, 2005


Location: england

E-Mail: juliebha205"at"aol.com

Comments: The place to come for inspiration & enlightenment! Thanks

Wednesday June 15, 2005

Name: Nancy Huff

Location: Palm Springs CA

E-Mail: nch03ccd@yahoo.com 

Comments: I do not understand what I am to do, where I am to be to be of servcie. I am educated, and have dreams and hopes yet I do not have a direction right now. I do not get it. I would love to be in a community that makes a difference or start with others something really earth changing for the positive advancement of our world. I am so ready, educated, professional, high being that has spend her life evolving to the next level. Where are you next step does anyone want to talk about community or making a difference for the higher good. Any suggestions?

Saturday June 11, 2005

Name: Jane Brandi Johnson

Location: Tampa

E-Mail: jbjtampabay at aol.com

Comments: beautiful website-I would like to send a hello out to Pat Theisen. I would like her email address if possible.

Saturday June 11, 2005

Name: Raksha

Location: United Kingdom

E-Mail: raksh60@yahoo.co.uk 

Comments: excellent site, absolutely love it. keep it up

Tuesday June 07, 2005

Name: Gbaguidi nestor

Location: BENIN

E-Mail: nestorpawer@voidumonde.com

Comments: Meditation

Monday June 07, 2005

Name: Jeremy Croucher

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

E-Mail: jeremycroucher@yahoo.com.au

Comments: just browsing. nice.

Tuesday June 07, 2005

Name: Stu

Location: fife, scotland

E-Mail: cottage"at"corsbie.fsnet.co.uk

Comments: what a fantastic site!!! I've learned more about what's happening to me here than anywhere else on the net! Still trying to except my new found feelings and sensations but this site helped...BIG TIME.

Friday June 03, 2005

Name: Laverne Flenory

Location: Newark, New Jersey

E-Mail: laverne_flenoryatyahoo.com

Comments: hello everyone

Sunday May 29, 2005

Name: Peter Clerin

Location: Canada

website: www.heavenonearthmusic.net

Comments: Great website. Very inspiring!!!

Friday May 20, 2005

Name: chris marlowe

Location: greenville, south carolina

E-Mail: palmettohouse@bellsouth.net 

Comments: a seeker who has found this web site. namaste

Friday May 20, 2005

Name: ujjvala more

Location: india

E-Mail: ujjvala_716@yahoo.com 


Saturday May 14, 2005


Location: LOME



Saturday May 14, 2005

Name: Brandon Kelley

Location: Massachusetts

E-Mail: indigowolv@yahoo.com 

Comments: This is a wonderful site. I'm so glad I found it. It definitely has a positive influence as far as I know. I still have not seen the entire site, but I am excited to explore more of the Namaste cafe...it's so nice to find a place that pertains to positive energy...so many sites are just people being negative, or wanting to have magic powers and the like...as far as I have seen, this site goes about it the right way...

Friday May 13, 2005

Name: Raven

Location: Victoria, BC


Comments: Blessings of prosperity, peace and joy to everyone who consciously and unconsciously express the desire to manifest Love, Harmony, Prosperity and Health for all beings in this universe. Keep Shining.. we need the reminder always.

Wednesday May 11, 2005

Name: Gillian

Location: Calgary, Canada


Comments: You have a great website.

Monday May 02, 2005

I like your website

Wednesday April 27, 2005

Name: ACLS


E-Mail: acls15@earthlink.net

Comments: Greetings! I enjoyed looking through your website.

Friday April 22, 2005

Name: Lisa Wilkinson

Location: Austin, Texas, USA

E-Mail: llwilkinson@gmail.com 

Comments: namaste

Tuesday April 19, 2005

Name: Erik Carlson

Location: Townsend, MA

E-Mail: p_erik_Carlson

Comments: Directed here from energy in harmony web site. I practice/teach Usui/Lightarian Reiki, Acutonics II (sound healing), Tai Chi Chuan, and Qigong (energy cultivation)

Namaste, Jai, Erik

Monday April 18, 2005

Name: Rachelle Bird

Location: Phoenix, AZ

E-Mail: RainbowKrum@yahoo.com 

Comments: I'm looking for the sanskit symbols for namaste. Can anybody help? I don't have any sanskrit fonts so I would need it in picture form if you have it. THANK YOU!

Saturday April 16, 2005

Name: Leeland Perry

Location: Columbus, Oh

E-Mail: Hopperbunny67@yahoo.com 

Comments: Checked out the web site to see if I could find the sanskrit symbol for namaste. I have a pottery class and I wanted the written symbol. I can't seem to find the written symbol, but lots of pictures of the meaning of the symbol, like the neat person on your web site showing the prayerful hands position. Know where I can find the written symbol? HELP!!

Wednesday April 13, 2005

Name: inspired



Comments: Nice site and nice links too. Thank you :)

Tuesday April 05, 2005

Name: Merlyn Erickson

Location: Anchorage, Ak.

E-Mail: merlyn@gci.net 


Thursday March 31, 2005


Location: MULLINS

E-Mail: DON'T HAVE 1


Tuesday March 29, 2005

Name: Sharae Taylor

Location: NC/USA

E-Mail: angelsbysharae@angelsbysharae.com 

Comments: Wonderful site and so much information in one place ... a great place for lightworkers. Appreciate what you are doing. http://www.angelsbysharae.com

Sunday March 27, 2005




Comments: N A M A S T E :))

Saturday March 26, 2005

Nice site!

Thursday March 24, 2005

Name: Jamie Lee

Location: Butler, Pa (near Pittsburgh)

E-Mail: jamersrosco@yahoo.com 

Comments: Those of us that really feel the warmth of this site should meet up and join together and Shake up some of the negative vibes in the world! I love visiting your site - it is WONDERFUL!

Friday March 18, 2005

Name: emme

Location: earth

E-Mail: emb311@aol.com 

Comments: blessing on all who enter here.

Friday March 18, 2005

Name: aba owerri

Location: asaba

E-Mail: mugu@yahoo.com 

Comments: i love this page it looks really nice keep up the good work.

Friday March 18, 2005

Name: Judi

Location: Denver

E-Mail: joyful_song001@yahoo.com 

Comments: What a nice find! Your site is so full of light that I had to stop and thank you for your work! Having been 'off-line' for several years I had lost all of my favorite links and most of my email addresses. I am glad to have found you and will be back soon..........Jude

Thursday March 17, 2005

Name: Karen

Location: Mississippi

E-Mail: newvibrations39216@hotmail.com 

Comments: It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday. It's such a necessity for Mississippians to recognize that our true humanness is in our spirituality, not our religion. Together we can raise Mississippi's vibrations and let go of intolerance. Blessings to you and all who enter here. --K.

Monday March 14, 2005

Name: kodesh Gagnon

Location: oshawa, ontario Canada

E-Mail: kodesh_gagnon@hotmail.com

Comments: Bless be yashuah who was and who is and who will be

Sunday March 13, 2005

Name: sherry

Location: West Indies


Comments: a cute site

Friday March 11, 2005

Name: Val


E-Mail: vh_cat9@hotmail.com 

Comments: Great site.

Wednesday March 09, 2005

Name: christopher

Location: Munich / Germany

E-Mail: tryin' to avoid spam....

Comments: Very nice place you have created here! To share and to inspire each other is probably the best we can do... www.spiritweb.de/english/index.htm

Monday March 07, 2005

Your site is very nice, compliment!

Friday March 04, 2005

Name: Susanna

Location: Utah


Comments: You live in Mississippi! Do you know Tanzie?

Thursday March 03, 2005

Name: Kelly

Location: Central Florida


Comments: I just think what you are doing is wonderful, I found this site when a friend emailed me the info on Indigos. I am one and love it here, thank you. I hope to find a way to get more involved with this place.

Thursday March 03, 2005





Wednesday March 02, 2005

Name: Steve Fritzinger

Location: Near Philadelphia Pa

E-Mail: flyersfan147@yahoo.com 

Comments: I really enjoy this site, I'm always left with an energetic, gracious and peaceful feeling after visiting. I often come here during the work day for an uplift. Thanks.

Wednesday March 02, 2005

Name: saman

Location: america

E-Mail: samandvd@yahoo.com 


Tuesday March 01, 2005

Name: Phyllis

Location: Winter Haven, Fl

E-Mail: pfmassage@aol.com 

Comments: Thanks! This is a great website. I loved the quotes.

Monday February 28, 2005

Name: Maria Carmen

Location: SLC

E-Mail: mariacarmen@comcast.net 

Comments: looking for a group that studies kryon material. thanks

Sunday February 27, 2005

Name: angela

Location: thunder bay canada

E-Mail: angelabearman@hotmail.com 

Comments: Iluvit

Sunday February 27, 2005

Name: tina

Location: taiwan taipei

E-Mail: tina0330@pchome.com.tw 

Comments: so nice and so peaceful

Saturday February 26, 2005

Name: adrian

Location: New zealand

E-Mail: adrf@orcon.net.nz 

Comments: I have an allergy to that word love and God, so I call it IT, for intelligence transcendent, IT supplies all the ?energy? mindstuff? we need so perhaps to honor and respect others would be better.

Wednesday February 23, 2005

Name: indigomama

Location: pennsylvania

E-Mail: indigomama@aol.com

Comments: so nice to be here

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Name: Sadhanna

Location: NOt Nirvana

E-Mail: SadhanaRatvanali@aol.com 

Comments: Very nice. I'll be back often! I've passed this on to my online sangha, hopefully we'll arrange to meet here for discussions regularly! Metta, Sadhana.

Tuesday February 22, 2005

Hello , just surfed in to say hello. You have a really nice Page! I will visit you again.

Sunday February 20, 2005

Name: Theodora

Location: Athens, Greece

E-Mail: bonbonthefacepainter@gmail.com

Comments: Amazing site. It's all here! everything you might possibly want to learn, at least for me, a beginner at working with chakras and angels.

Thursday February 17, 2005

Name: sisterearth

Location: michigan...earth

E-Mail: sisterearth@hotmail.com 

Comments: this is like taking a new breath!

Tuesday February 15, 2005

Name: Mike W.

Location: Detroit

E-Mail: detmech@yahoo.com 

Comments: It's been said that 'a good quote will keep me going for a week'. That being the case I must have a lotta, lotta mileage left, thanks to our Webmaster [Webmistress?]. Peace.

Tuesday February 15, 2005

Name: Petra

Location: Fankfurt

E-Mail: ffeee9986@web.de 

Comments: Good Job Buddy.

Tuesday February 15, 2005

Name: Ronny

Location: USA

E-Mail: ronny-onlineweb@gmx.us 

Comments: Hey, what a awesome page...

Tuesday February 15, 2005

Name: Jens

Location: Mόnchen

E-Mail: jensmueller887@gmx.de 

Comments: Hi, bin eher durch zufall hier.

Tuesday February 15, 2005

Name: Susi

Location: Kφln

E-Mail: susi-998-online@gmx.net 

Comments: Hey, good job webmaster - go on.

Tuesday February 15, 2005

Name: Mark

Location: Berlin

E-Mail: marky-mark99@web.de

Comments: Good Job, 


Sunday February 13, 2005

Name: Christine

Location: Las Vegas

E-Mail: comette4u@yahoo.com 

Comments: Nice way-station! Thank you!

Sunday February 13, 2005

Hello friends! from http://www.russiamoscow.info

Tuesday February 08, 2005

Name: Deanna

Location: Philadelphia

E-Mail: RosePSU@aol.com 

Comments: A new friend showed me this site. It feels like where I'm supposed to be.

Monday February 07, 2005

Name: Jessica


E-Mail: jlynn13@hotmail.com 

Comments: I Love this site

Friday February 04, 2005

Name: Richard Brown

Location: Baton Rouge,Louisiana

E-Mail: brown_consult_ric@hotmail.com 

Comments: I am in AWE.

Tuesday February 01, 2005

Name: Lisa Angrisani

Location: Yucaipa, CA - USA

E-Mail: OmiyaLove@aol.com 

Comments: I want to learn more about meditation and everything else!

Tuesday January 25, 2005

nice site, keep on the good work.

Sunday January 23, 2005

Name: Carlton Sargent

Location: Iraq E-Mail: CarltonSargentii@yahoo.com 

Comments: Please help me find my families phone number. I am currently serving in Iraq. My fiancee and children live in Hatyai, songkhla her name is Monrudee Chanarat

Saturday January 22, 2005

Name: Charles

Location: Live Oak,Florida

E-Mail: cunadream@alltel.net

Comments: I moved here five months ago and am pretty isolated. Since I am spiritually inclined, more in the direction of Universal Spirit, rather than a specific God, and this cafe sounds like a pretty good place to stop for awhile, I would like to talk with anyone who happens to be around this evening.

Saturday January 22, 2005

Name: Linda Martinez


E-Mail: RSLindaRN@aol.com


Wednesday January 19, 2005

Name: Meia

Location: CDA

E-Mail: You know it...

Comments: Hi Momma! I'm at school (obviously) And I'm bored out o' my mind... Well I just wanted to tell you that... Buh-Bye.. Love you Meia

Friday January 14, 2005

Thank you for this site! :)

Thursday January 13, 2005

Nice site!

Thursday January 13, 2005

Name: kam murphy

Location: p.o. box 741, teaneck nj 07666

E-Mail: houseoferrands@yahoo.com 

Comments: excellent information

Wednesday January 12, 2005

Name: Ernest L. Peppers

Location: Bridgeport CT.

E-Mail: rpeppers.gcbpt@snet.net 


Sunday January 09, 2005

Name: Tanya Hyde

Location: Seattle Washington

E-Mail: tanya.hyde@gmail.com 

Comments: Wonderful site, well done!

Sunday January 09, 2005

Name: Mirela Simonescu

Location: Bucharest, Romania, Europe

E-Mail: goldenlight@easynet.ro 

Comments: I started my spiritual journey on internet, 2 years ago, and the first site which I found is Namastecafe site. Mean while, I found and other interesting sites, but this is like the first love for me... each time I am back and back, and even I am reading and listening same subjects or music, my heart is full with Pure Love. I am sending to you all my Pure Unconditional Love. Namaste. Mirela

Saturday January 08, 2005

Name: Aravis

Location: Romania

E-Mail: aravis_2004@yahoo.com 

Comments: With you I feel like I have finally found my home, my mind and soul home. Thank you for that and for you.

Friday December 31, 2004

Name: Runjonah

Location: Fort Wayne, IN

E-Mail: teachyahnah@comcast.net

Comments: No comment at this time, will reserve that for later. I do require contact for further discussion on Biblical Truths...according to Yahweh......shalom.. runjonah

Tuesday December 28, 2004

Name: Christina Bethell

Location: Portland, Oregon

E-Mail: bethellc@ohsu.edu 

Comments: Thank you for this life giving space.

Sunday December 26, 2004

Name: mikael

Location: whistler E-Mail:

Comments: sacred geometric crystal energy grid/within a medicine wheel (sorta) after being activated at hc event in nanaimo...stood over a huge crystal and this cosmic kundalinni implodes in me...,I am now a channeller of such...energy what ever it is...any how I end up in whistler and find a crystal cave while searching for quartz boulders for wheel ..divine gift, this beautiful specimens of crystal are now part of the grid. Earth healing ceremonies are now in order solstice /moon etc. for info on grid crystal/pipes, go to eagleye.com

Tuesday December 14, 2004

Name: Merrie Fae Tresses

Location: Fields & Forests of Wisconsin

E-Mail: flossie@execpc.com 

Comments: Come join us at http://groups.msn.com/FaeryMerryMeet

Monday December 13, 2004

Name: Anonomous

Location: World

E-Mail: bergdalgar@aol.com 

Comments: Lets work together! www.wetheworld.org/globalthought

Saturday December 11, 2004

Name: Andrew Holder

Location: Yass Australia

E-Mail: sponge25@msn.com

Comments: Its funny I can now feel the people who I can talk to about this sort of stuff, They have a resonance that is appealing, yet there are still so many that are switched off and have no understanding, or desire to have such. How do you awaken those that would prefer to slumber? There is just so much more than they know.


Hi! This is Serenity.

In answer to your question, you live it. Modeling an idea is the best way to bring others into a state of curiosity in which they will either decide that you have something that they want or not. If you have a peace, calmness, and loving energy they will feel this and inquire further as to why you are this way. That makes the connection to open the heart further.


Thursday December 09, 2004

Name: Adi

Location: Assam

E-Mail: mastiinlive@yahoo.com

Comments: IT Rocked

Sunday December 05, 2004

Name: Holiness Ifeanyi

Location: Imo

E-Mail: summerholy@yahoo.com

Comments: Very inspirational

Friday December 03, 2004

Name: kathleen

Location: pa

E-Mail: lavenderblue427@aol

Comments: a love-filled site!

Wednesday December 01, 2004

Name: nick

Location: san jose ca

E-Mail: ndannic@aol.com 

Comments: what does anybody know about the shifting of the poles

Tuesday November 30, 2004

Name: Shankini

Location: Finland

E-Mail: dansecured@hotmail.com 

Comments: I had a complete enlightenment in 1991. I'm now writing my first book about the nature of the soul, etc... I would like to chat with people about this subject and life in general.

Monday November 29, 2004

Name: Sanjay Gulati

Location: India

E-Mail: info@holidaysolution.com

Comments: I found useful information here.

Saturday November 27, 2004

Name: Kamal Agarwal

Location: India

E-Mail: Kamal@ebizindia.net 

Comments: I found good information here.

Friday November 19, 2004

Name: V. Brooks

Location: Sunny California


Comments: I just love your website! Very colorful. I look forward to any new information you have to share. (Smile)

Friday November 19, 2004

Name: Jani

Location: OH

E-Mail: msjones@1stcounsel.com

Comments: What a beautiful place......

Thursday November 18, 2004


Location: DELAWARE



Saturday November 13, 2004

Name: butterflyeleven

Location: nashville, tn. USA 

Comments: I love this site! Wow!

Friday November 12, 2004

Name: Orlando Mayumbo

Location: New York City

E-Mail: omayumbo@yahoo.com 


Wednesday November 10, 2004

Name: Meia 

Location: Central Delta

E-Mail: citygirl@capital2.com

Comments: Hey, Mommy! :D, I'm at school. Guess what? They didn't have a teacher today for my geography class. Sooooo.. I had to sit in the classroom for an hour with nothing to do and they (the principal and teachers) blamed us for not coming to get someone to watch us... Isn't that just so freakin' funny? A private school your playing for and I missed a class.. a shame really... Riiiight. Namaste, Meia. By the way I love your site.. :))

Tuesday November 09, 2004

Name: Corinne

Location: Vancouver, Canada

E-Mail: ootnaboot@hotmail.com 

Comments: I feel blessed and thankful that I have found this sight. By having the opportunity to access this site, my soul feels enriched, and my life journey is more fulfilling. Namaste!

Friday November 05, 2004

Name: Luis Stiglich

Location: Bbakersfield CA


Comments: AMAZING

Thursday November 04, 2004

Name: moka`

Location: Jamestown,ny 14701

E-Mail: moka1358@yahoo.com

Comments: will there ever be world Peace?

Friday October 29, 2004


Location: NIG

E-Mail: annmu2002@yahoo.co.uk

Comments: hi

Wednesday October 27, 2004

Name: Jodi Location: Pennsylvania

E-Mail: justbeing@comcast.net 

Comments: "There's music in the signing reed; There's music in the gushing rill; There's music in all things, if men had ears. Their earth is but an echo of the spheres". - Lord Byron

Saturday October 23, 2004

Name: Molly Rain

Location: Lincoln Ne.

E-Mail: Blondeeash@Yahoo.com 

Comments: to thy own self be true

Saturday October 23, 2004

Name: Tracie Location:

E-Mail: bealelab@sbcglobal.net

Comments: Visit http://traynubiansea.com You will love the art. Share Traynubiansea with friends and family. Thanks Tracie P.S. I see love and wisdom in your eyes.

Friday October 22, 2004

Name: Cynthia

Location: Glendale AZ

E-Mail: luvinlife63@hotmail.com

Comments: Wonderful Site!!

Monday October 18, 2004

Name: Molle

Location: USA

E-Mail: molle@mail.com 

Comments: This Site is Super Super!!!

Sunday October 17, 2004

Name: Traysea

Location: Love Eyes E-mail bealelab@sbcglobal.net

Comments: Eye Love This Wisdom WebsiteVisit http://traynubiansea.com You will love the art. Share Traynubiansea with friends and family. Thanks Tracie P.S. I see love and wisdom in your eyes.

Friday October 15, 2004

Name: Primo

Location: Laramie

E-Mail: primo1y2k@onewest.net 

Comments: Nice spot to ride my cosmic wheels. Old border runners get lost in yesterday, Namaste brings the run back into today.

Wednesday October 13, 2004

Name: John

Location: Boston

E-Mail: evolvedmale@aol.com 

Comments: Thank you T.

Tuesday October 12, 2004

Name: anosh 

E-Mail: anosh2004_2@hotmail.com


Tuesday October 05, 2004

Name: Tejas

Location: Iowa

E-Mail: tjbrown8@hotmail.com


Saturday October 02, 2004


Location: NIGER



Friday October 01, 2004

Name: Infinity

Location: Eternity

E-Mail: infinity@voicenet.com 

Comments: There is such a sense of peace as one enters through the arch way into this sacred place created by the higher consciousness and co creators of this space. Blessings abound. Love & Peace Always, Namaste, Infinity

Thursday September 30, 2004

Name: Jon Backaler

Location: Orange County, CA

E-Mail: Uahuma1@aol.com

Comments: I knew about NamasteCafe for awhile now. I've seen people talk about it on other spirutual sites, or links to it, or email address from it. I've been lost lately, disassociated with spirituality, and I'm now beginning to move out of a depression I put myself in, that helps me walk around with blinders on. I move in one week, and of course my spirits are up once again. I however was inspired to link here. I thought, I want to go to a place with a nice community and where I can read some positive words. Namastecafe.com came to my mind. As I simply scanned the front page, I stopped. You know where you stop for some reason and just start thinking, well I was aware when I came out of it, and what I had received was an amazing message from my guides. I quickly remembered the message so I wouldn't forget, and then looked at the screen. In perfect harmony and synchronicity with my request for help, and guidance, and the message I had just received, my mouse cursor was highlighting your link, "A gift for you." And in my head I read it outloud, even more meaning of the whole event as it happened. I quickly reflected that my will to look for light, and openess to accept it, matched with the positive intent of your community to help, heal and be, allowed for a wonderful message to come clear across, that is going to help me out through some of these tough moments. I could go into much more detail about this whole moment, but we all know the NOW is not limited, and I could explore it forever and describe just how amazing and enlightening the whole experience was. But for now, let me just reply with Thank You.

my message: "You have been failing, because when you create these wonderful spaces for people to create in, you are trying to do it yourself. Allow others into the space you have created, because there are a lot who are simply waiting."

Thursday September 30, 2004

Name: nnamdi

Location: lagos nig

E-Mail: guy@maga.net

Comments: thanks for ur help ts

Thursday September 23, 2004

Name: GREG

Location: L

E-Mail: gkard69@in.gr


Thursday September 23, 2004

Name: agu muguy

Location: china

E-Mail: agumugu@yahoo.com 

Comments: i have been here twice nice site mr mugu mumu

Monday September 20, 2004

Name: lauree

Location: covington,la.

E-Mail: rizegg@charter.net

Comments: how amazing that beings your age are so wise-how blessed you are to have been given the awareness of how special you are at such young ages-but none of you are young, are you! I call you spiritual warriors-I know you-I understand you-I love you and I am devoted to helping make your mission as messengers of The Light smoother. I was also a lost child who didn't 'get it'. I could never see the purpose of any of this earthly stuff-school, authority, convention. So I was bad at it all and just became BAD. Drugs and alcohol kept the truth at bay, but there was always a light that was there, a Presence keeping me alive, putting one foot in front of the other, guiding me back to the TRUTH. I am here now at 42 years old, with 2 little indigo boys, conscious and aware-ALIVE IN THE TRUTH. MY LITTLE INDIGOS will be honored for their uniqueness, will be allowed to let their spirits run free. It doesn't matter if anyone knows or understands, that they are in the presence of royalty ,because I know, and they will know and of course one day all will know. I love you-send blessings to the indigos out there who feel they are in bondage-help bring them home- namaste, lauree

Wednesday September 15, 2004

Name: www.nonduality.info

Location: www.nonduality.info


Comments: If you want to know more about nonduality take a look at www.nonduality.info

Sunday September 12, 2004

Name: South-Thai.com

Location: Hatyai Thailand

E-Mail: http://South-Thai.com

Comments: For information on buddhist tattoos visit http://South-Thai.com/tattoo/tattoo.html For a tour of a southern Thailand temple visit http://South-Thai.com/photos/photos4.html

Friday September 10, 2004

Name: JILL

Location: Marin Co. Ca.

E-Mail: gypsyjill@netscape 

Comments: As far back as I can remember. I have felt that there is a very strong connection in me to God. I have always been thankful for that, and have lived my life ( for the most part) as if the higher power that is God, guides me. I wonder if some people really Do Not have any sort of connection? Did they have it & lose it? To me it seems so clear that who we are in this life determines what our afterlife is about...our soul our individuality is clearly a prelude. It seems to me that there are lots of people who do not have a clue. Shouldn't it be simple?

Wednesday September 08, 2004

Name: kevin nelson

Location: hood river oregon

E-Mail: abundance@gorge.net 

Comments: no argument has any basis in the present its all illusion energy seeping in from our pain

Monday September 06, 2004





Thursday September 02, 2004

Name: Don

Location: Florida

E-Mail: wwwdlhow27@naples.net

Comments: As a seeker of Truth I am constantly humbled by where my path leads me. I'm delighted to have been led here. Thank you God

Saturday August 28, 2004

Name: Sandy Montini

Location: Manhattan, New York


Comments: Wonderful site. I believe I was guided here through a special person, by the Lord :^) Thank you for sharing the Light with us :^D

Thursday August 26, 2004

Name: OBI




Wednesday August 25, 2004

Name: Shanti Tialino

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah; USA

E-Mail: shanzababysean@yahoo.com 

Comments: I don't know anything about your cafe but I was just surfing on the web and just found out that Shanti which is my name is the Sanskirt word for peace. Now, is that part of India? please reply to me via email. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Saturday August 21, 2004

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Location: http://www.newspells.com

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Tuesday August 17, 2004

Name: Michael

Location: N.E. Massachusetts

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Comments: Visiting your site is just what I needed! ... Namaste!

Monday August 16, 2004

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Location: usa

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Monday August 16, 2004

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Saturday August 14, 2004

Name: B

Location: NY

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Comments: This is one of the most beautiful and spiritually pleasing sites I have enjoyed on the WWW. Thank you.

Friday August 13, 2004

Name: Chary

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Comments: good one, very interesting

Thursday August 12, 2004

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Comments: Namaste everyone

Wednesday August 11, 2004

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Comments: I am just searching, for what I do not know. But I know that I need the quest.

Monday August 09, 2004

Name: Peter Corbett

Location: Northampton Massachuetts

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Comments: I would love to talk with other people who have an interest in the writings of Emma Curtis Hopkins. She has helped me become a better Christian. Thanks.

Thursday August 05, 2004


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Sunday August 01, 2004

Name: Don Martin

Location: Granbury Texas

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Comments: peace and wisdom....great site

Friday July 30, 2004

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Comments: Hello! ~namaste~

Wednesday July 28, 2004

Name: Stacy McMahon

Location: Nashua,N.H.

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Comments: I was directed here from Divine Healing.

Tuesday July 27, 2004

Name: PDRF


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Comments: i love the calm feeling here, i hope the discussion board goes back on soon. I am not able to go on to chats what can i do thank.......

Monday July 26, 2004

Name: Linda

Location: Altamonte Springs, Florida

E-Mail: ispeaktoangels@yahoo.com 

Comments: I would really like to meet people in my area who are spiritually minded -- WE are new here , and it feels spiritually destitute here.

Sunday July 25, 2004

Name: Ravenhawk

Location: Colorado Springs, Co.

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Comments: I have a love of poety writting and will freely give to others.

Tuesday July 20, 2004

Name: Angelina

Location: Deep in the Heart of Texas

E-Mail: prefer not to share at this time

Comments: Love the site! Wish there was more activity in the chatroom and forum. This place has a lot of potential!

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Saturday July 10, 2004

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Friday June 25, 2004

Name: Survivor

Location: Ohio

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Comments: This is a most wonderful site, have not come into chat as of yet but I'm sure I will once I get my own website up and running. Its a survivors website for people who've been assaulted, or abused as children and are now going through the survivor stage and healing stop on by sometime. www.journey2healing.net

Thursday June 17, 2004

Name: trae moore

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Comments: totally groovy :-))

Tuesday June 15, 2004

Name: Meadow Anderson

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Comments: I love this site!!! It is perfect for the laid-back hippies found in my town. :-)

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Friday June 11, 2004

Name: Teraisa J. Rogers

Location: True Crime Fanatic http://TrueCrimeFanatic.com

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Comments: It just gets better and better. I promise we are working on the staff page--we'll have a link to your website. Take care!

Thursday June 03, 2004

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TaRiK B ..............

Thursday June 03, 2004

Name: Gesine Fournell-Anger

Location: Petaluma CA

E-Mail: gesine@vistainternational.com 


I am so happy to have found this site - I am looking forward to returning and spending time with "you" - this is great -

Namaste -


Thursday June 03, 2004

Name: P.J.

Location: Home

E-Mail: hartblu@sbcglobal.net

Comments: I am really trying to find inner peace so i can get back every thing i have lost in the last year since i lost the love of my life.

Saturday May 29, 2004

Name: peacefriend

Location: USA

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Comments: I love what you have here. I share many of the same spiritual concepts that you do. I would like you to share some of your thoughts at a message board I just started, if you're interested, of course. The board is called 'Peaceful Visions' the link: http://peacefriend.proboards27.com/index.cgi You may post/advertise your site there.

Thursday May 27, 2004

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Saturday May 22, 2004

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Comments: I love this page. IT looks really good. Keep it up.

Friday May 21, 2004

Name: Theo Melburn

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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Comments: As I sit here and read the articles on this website this energy sends chills throughout my entire body.

Wednesday May 19, 2004

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Wednesday May 12, 2004

Name: Alan Ashcroft

Location: Victoria

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Comments: Shine on!

Wednesday May 12, 2004

Name: PaMat

Location: hard to say, really..

E-Mail: pa_mat2003@yahoo.com 

Comments: It's the first time that happen upon this beautiful website--although I haven't seen but the front page--yet I absolutely adore Egypt so how can I not like it.. I'll be candid. I was looking for a website with messages from those sharing the Kryon energy. I had read it once and it was so utterly positive! Somehow I have not been able to relocate this address though.. maybe for a reason..

I have spent a great deal of time in the US and particularly in LA during the early 90s. That is when I became thoroughly acquainted with New Age, the Pleiadeans and so on.. I do not live in the US anymore, but I still try to keep my spirits high and continue to read and do what I can to share the positive feelings. I have a lot of respect for the Native American Indians and also Egypt and India. I read many books relating to their teachings and also books by Barbara Marciniak, JJ Hurtak, Barbara Hand Clow and many others and of course Kryon books 1-3 and 7.

Sometimes I tend to think that it is all in our minds, and though many among us like minded expect for visible outer spiritual changes on this Earth, well it may take a while. Some teach that there those people who have accomplished their mission here and will not continue incarnating on this planet. What about what will be left behind? Will Earth vibrations really change? will people in incarnative state share a more spiritually abundant planet ? will there be open communication with the messengers of light on that Earth?

Also I will greatly enjoy to share any of your ideas and feelings about spirituality and the times we are living in. I hope i didn't drag my feet for to long on this message.

Love and Light PaMat

Tuesday May 11, 2004

Name: Vivian

Location: San Antonio Texas

E-Mail: vlucidity@satx.rr.com 

Comments: Everything is on my mind and nothing at all. All feelings are in my mind but I feel them in my chest. Thoughts are deep to me but how deep is deep? This is my mind :) also thanks for this site :) and insight

Monday May 10, 2004


Location: Laramie Wyoming

E-Mail: delos@uwyo.edu 

Comments: Subjective Activation of the inner and the outer oneness. The Namaste Cafe, a very nice place. Thank you I am grateful.

Monday May 10, 2004

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Sunday April 25, 2004

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Friday April 16, 2004

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Comments: Hey Im really into Faeries and think they a so cool. Umm...they inspire me alot and i thankful to have found your website

Friday April 09, 2004

Name: Earlene Cacciola

Location: Miami Florida

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Comments: Immediately, I felt at home here when your cafe homepage opened. Thank you for being ...



Friday April 09, 2004

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Comments: 10 will Always Be A Loser... Namaste

Thursday April 08, 2004

Name: Gina Sapanza

Location: Southbay, Cali.

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Tuesday April 06, 2004

Name: Tara

Location: US


Comments: I love your website and I wouldn't mind featuring it for this month. I also have an award for you, please check your e-mail.

Now, as I was saying, your site is really inspirational and it is something that needs to be shared with everyone. Keep it up!

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Monday April 05, 2004

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Saturday April 03, 2004

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Comments: Namaste!

Wednesday March 31, 2004

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Tuesday March 30, 2004

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Comments: This is a wonderful site! Thank you for sharing... Blessings!

Monday March 29, 2004

Name: SilverPanther

Location: Alberta, Canada

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Comments: Thank you for creating this site, it has helped me maintain what is left of my sanity. Blessings Panther

Friday March 26, 2004

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Comments: My daughter aged 23 is on her 4th surgery for endometriosis, having had laser surgery, an illeostomy, etc. They made too many holes in her vagina etc. and they have been stitched twice. They aren't healing well and the surgeon is ignoring us. Her boyfriend has left her, her friends are tired of hospital visits etc. Any ideas to put some HOPE back in our lives?

Thursday March 25, 2004

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Wednesday March 24, 2004

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Tuesday March 23, 2004

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Comments: I love "About Faeries"

Wednesday March 17, 2004

Name: Wendy

Location: Stuart Fl

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Comments: this is a truly uplifting site, clearly filled with those in the Light. Namaste WB

Wednesday March 17, 2004

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Monday March 08, 2004


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Sunday February 29, 2004

Name: Jason

Location: Pinos Altos,New Mexico

E-Mail: jisan@gilanet.com 

Comments: I have been poking around and reading the thoughts of the indigos. My whole life, now 32, I felt very special. This has been my first venture on the internet reading about indigos. I myself have the same nature and I am cautious to categorize myself as such, but I feel as so. I love helping people. That is my gift to the world. Thank you !

Saturday February 28, 2004

Name: okomugu

Location: lome togo

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Comments: good job

Friday February 27, 2004

Name: kristine

Location: munich

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Comments: this place is like a cup of hot tea after a walk over snowy, windy fields in the twilight of a winter afternoon

Friday February 27, 2004

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Location: heartfordshire

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Thursday February 26, 2004

Name: Shanna

Location: Florida Keys

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Comments: I am a huge fan of tattoos and I was have been undecided about what to get. I recently decided that I was going to have the ancient sanskirt of namaste tattooed on my body, which I did. And it looks great. Thanks for you help in providing the idea to me.


Wednesday February 25, 2004

Name: Julie Flath

Location: Shreveport LA

E-Mail: peace2bfree2002@yahoo.com 

Comments: Great web site..lots of cool info..i just found it today and have been on it for 30 min already..LOVE IT! :)

Sunday February 22, 2004

Name: Gina

Location: England

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Comments: namaste .. just came across your site and find it wonderfully interesting ..i have lots more to read here but so glad i found it ..Aho

Friday February 20, 2004

Name: Kathryn

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Sunday February 15, 2004

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Location: Lake Oswego

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Comments: This site is really cool, I have gotten some good information from it about fairies. Thanks, Elle

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Friday February 13, 2004

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Comments: working to get America onto a peaceful, human-oriented track...

Sunday February 08, 2004

Name: Wheatgrass

Location: Australia


Comments: Visually and spiritually beautiful. Thank you so much;-)

Thursday January 29, 2004

Name: Hawksong

Location: usa, nc


Comments: very interested and about to look over site

Friday January 23, 2004

Name: San Rogers

Location: Hagerstown, MD

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Comments: I am intrigued. Keep us informed.

Tuesday January 13, 2004

Name: donowt

Location: uk


Comments: i would just like to wish everyone a happy new year. with reiki.

Sunday January 11, 2004

Name: Joss

Location: France.


Comments: So beautiful Web site... Thanks!

Friday January 09, 2004

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Friday January 09, 2004

Name: Debbie

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

E-Mail: wiseman.debra@tbs-sct.gc.ca 

Comments: I love this site. I refer to it almost every day. What a labour of love this must be. Congratulations and Thank you.

Wednesday January 07, 2004

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Location: Oak Harbor/Fairborn OH

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Comments: thank you!

Monday January 05, 2004

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Tuesday December 30, 2003

Name: sven

Location: Toronto Canada

E-Mail: sven113sven@hotmail.com 

Comments: Wonderful idea. This is the first time that I was browsing trough the guestbook. Even I practice Sahaya Yoga already for 10 years I did found a lot of interesting sides to read and learn from it.

Jay shri Mataji

Sven SY from Belgium living at the moment in Canada.

Sunday December 21, 2003

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Thursday December 18, 2003

Name: James and Holly Warren


E-Mail: bewarren@rogers.com

Comments: I am 7 and my sister is 4 and we really loved this site. The pictures and sounds are beautiful.

Thank You very much James and Holly Warren

Wednesday December 17, 2003

Name: Tushar Surve

Location: Sheffield, UK

E-Mail: tusharno1@ny.com

Comments: This is a kind of cool idea, I came across your site while searching for stuff on Google! wish you guys great Success!!

Monday December 15, 2003

Name: Ian Harvey

Location: Liverpool UK


Comments: excellent site , love and light to all

Sunday December 14, 2003





Friday December 12, 2003

Name: Anncarolyn

Location: Mid North Coast, Australia


Comments: I am so glad I found your site, I have just read the 12 signs of spiritual awakening, and I can relate to so many of the symptoms I have been experiencing of late, thank you.

I will be recommending this site to all my friends to visit.

take care and you are doing a wonderful thing allowing us to join you

Monday December 08, 2003

Name: Lisa Iris

Location: USA

E-Mail: lisairisart@yahoo.com

Comments: Wonderful site - If you'd like to use my artwork, wonderful! http://www.lisairis.com Thanks!

Monday December 08, 2003

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Location: 3D-Space

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Comments: Resonate with the truth that we are one and life will be loved. Please visit my website for waking up humanity.


Saturday December 06, 2003

Name: Gert

Location: Toronto

E-Mail: GertAnckaert@rogers.com

Comments: I want get into the chat rooms, and share about my current experience of some kind of spiritual shift, but am having no success...are you out there? Can you help? gert

Tuesday December 02, 2003

Name: Carmen Falisi

Location: NJ

E-Mail: Chaosdude1091@aol.com

Comments: I just started learning about chakras and I like it so far. :-|

Monday December 01, 2003

Name: Jacob Goodman.

Location: everywhere.

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Comments: Hello people, well done on this website its really cool, please visit my website if you into yurts the environment, freedom and chatting. namaste

Saturday November 29, 2003

Name: Sharae Taylor

Location: North Carolina, USA

E-Mail: angelsbysharae@angelsbysharae.com

Comments: Beautiful site and much hard work has gone into the design and continued success. Just a great well done site !

Many Blessings and continued success,


Wednesday November 26, 2003

Name: Jona Little

Location: Seattle, WA, USA


Comments: I just want to say that it is amazing to see how this site how grown ever since I stumbled upon it months ago while searching for definitions for "Namaste". It's always great to see something good grow, I wish you the best of luck in your continued growth, and the growth of the site as well. Love and light to all.

Tuesday November 25, 2003

Name: Neil Buckingham

Location: London, England

E-Mail: neilcrispin@aol.com 

Comments: You have a beautifully presented web site. Blessings.

Sunday November 23, 2003

Name: Soundscape

Location: 3-Dimensional Space

E-Mail: mustaqeemilluminate@hotmail.com 

Comments: Nice Site.

Your section on "The Indigo's Reality" is not by an unknown author. The text is by the author Barbara Bowers from her book "What Color Is Your Aura?". The text you have quoted is also not complete, it is missing large sections such as 'mental attitudes',' emotional makeup', and 'social style'. Please give her credit for her work.


Wednesday November 19, 2003

Name: Shanna

Location: Florida Keys

E-Mail: uniqueshanna@aol.com 

Comments: Website is beautifully done!

Tuesday November 18, 2003

Name: Sanjay Agrawal

Location: India

E-Mail: nbhairav@netscape.net 

Comments: Hi, i have been directed to this site by one of the posters at the www.hindifast.com message board, for the hindi script equivalent of the word 'namaste'.

Please accept my kudos on building such a beautiful site! Every page seems to be a result of well thought out design.

The sanskrit equivalent of the word 'Namaste' that you have displayed in 'Namaste Translations', whether it is ancient sanskrit.

According to me, the contemporary hindi equivalent should be नमस्ते.



Sunday November 16, 2003

Name: antar alok

Location: tanzania

E-Mail: antaralok@

Comments: splendid , beautiful site -- truly a labor of love... thank you ... love 'n light

Wednesday November 12, 2003

Name: Lizz

Location: Tulsa


Comments: Thank you for including the "control patterns often associated with codependent behavior" article on your website. It was as though I wrote all of those signs myself. Since it has now been brought to my attention, I will immediately start working on my behavior. Maybe someday I will be free.

Tuesday November 11, 2003

Name: Joyanne

Location: Olympia, Washington

E-Mail: marshadevin@hotmail.com 

Comments: A few months ago a good friend of mine stumbled upon this site. Lately I have found myself coming back more and more to read and enjoy the many gifts you all have provided. Thank you for sharing the vision and the positive vibes. Namaste ~ Joyanne

Friday October 31, 2003

Name: Heather

Location: ONT. Canada

E-Mail: hbrown@cybers.ca

Comments: what a lovely site. I felt it right away....energy from a computer..and site...never thought the day would happen! I love everything it has too offer, and look forward to learning more and "feeling more light"....blessings, Shanti!

Tuesday October 28, 2003

Name: Alan Peterson

Location: www.alanpeterson.net


Comments: peace

Tuesday October 28, 2003

Name: Michael Levy

Location: Florida

E-Mail: http://www.pointoflife.com

Comments: Live in Love & Joy.

Monday October 27, 2003

Name: Steve Lionbird

Location: TR NJ US

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Comments: namastι

Thursday October 23, 2003

Name: fran gaston

Location: parkersburg, wv

E-Mail: frangaston@hotmail.com 

Comments: i love this page, i come here all the time, and find something new

Tuesday October 21, 2003

Name: Donna

Location: Florida

E-Mail: divadiva10@aol.com 

Comments: I love the coffee house & would like to join the chat rooms.

Saturday October 18, 2003

Name: Dixi, Aaron & John Jones

Location: Brandon, Ms

E-Mail: j_dixi@bellsouth.net

Comments: What a wonderful and informative site, we will visit again!:)

Thursday October 09, 2003

Name: Zamoria

Location: NW Coast

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Wednesday October 08, 2003

Name: Teraisa J. Rogers

Location: Carson City, Nevada

E-Mail: TeraisaRogers@TrueCrimeFanatic.com

Comments: Just wanted to lounge around your website and see what's new. As usual, it's very interesting and always enjoyable. Teraisa J. Rogers

Wednesday October 08, 2003

Name: Zamoria

Location: NW Coast US


Comments:  Ahh... ~NaaaMaasstaaa Was havin' a namaste moment right before coming to your site.

Water & lucid moments dishes in the sink...

approached sink & small bay window..... felt transported & hooked-up w/ ~Lightworkers the ~intention was to already ~Be ~In the wonderful....~Light.....~Rejoice the wonderful Perfect place ! ~Sacred ~~~ ahhh Enjoyment

Then 10 min later I found your site!

Your ~Window ~~~Our Window ~My ~Window ~~~ Namaste' Thank you thank you

Sunday October 05, 2003

Name: kim

Location: essex england

E-Mail: kimflame@hotmail.com 

Comments: i found your site on Saturday, after a week of hearing the words in meditation that i am to be a part of lightening the darkness. i appreciate the desk top savers and feel they enriched my soul . i have been telling all my friends of your site .. i hope i continue my path and help others in doing so- i shall visit often. and a lovely site too cheerio ** : D

Friday October 03, 2003

Name: Annie Gardener

Location: Australia

E-Mail: anjaki@bigpond.com

Comments: Happy to meet you.

Thursday September 25, 2003

Name: Donna Marie Location:

E-Mail: donna10756@aol.com 

Comments: Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you. Namaste.

Monday September 22, 2003

Name: andrew Pearson

Location: niagara Falls New York

E-Mail: dulk696453@yahoo.com 

Comments: Hi There

Friday September 19, 2003

Name: Lyla

Location: Oregon

E-Mail: pertneer530@hotmail.com 

Comments: A beautiful find on the web one I will return to often

Monday September 15, 2003

Name: Tami

Location: Anchorage Alaska

E-Mail: midnightcybabe@hotmail.com

Comments: I am sitting here smiling at the wonderful peaceful energy I feel from the wonderfilled souls who have left tidbits of themselves for 'visitors' to 'read'. TY! To add to the comment of Kris and Kenneth...there is definitaly something very huge coming into play...what it feels like to me is the incredible connections that are happening in big and small ways with all the like minded spiritual people:)....which intern is changing the vibration of earth.....how can it not change with such unconditional love drifting around this universe:)

Monday September 15, 2003

Name: kris achenbach

Location: carson nevada

E-Mail: ravininheaven@aol 

Comments: to Kenneth J. Brinkman who posted earlier, I to feel something is about to happen soon, i was also wondering if there are some lightworkers that read this please email me.

Saturday September 13, 2003

Name: Shannon Lilia

Location: Chicagoland

E-Mail: tallshannon@aol.com 

Comments: Peace, love and blessings. What a beautiful site. I found it while looking for more info on Archangel Michael. My spirit is growing by leaps and bounds right now, rather... my "flesh" is shrinking to accommodate that spirit. God Bless U All.

Tuesday September 09, 2003


Location: MEXICO


Comments: OTRA VEZ -- BRAVO !!

Friday September 05, 2003

Name: Amy

Location: Pennsylvania

E-Mail: Swtfroggy87@aol.com 

Comments: Wonderful sites to visit!!!!!

Friday September 05, 2003

Name: c per

Location:usa ga

E-Mail: neplik@aol.com

Comments: Is it really 1970 ?????? I'm sooooo confused

Wednesday September 03, 2003

Name: Kenneth J. Brinkman

Location: Fort wayne IN

E-Mail: kennethbrinkman@hotmail.com 

Comments: The comment that can to mind ,was to see who amongst us also feels something is just about to happen in this world very soon?

Monday September 01, 2003

Name: Karen

Location: Harrison, Ohio

E-Mail: ksueszoo@aol.com

Comments: This is a great site with many, many informative links. I visit often when I'm in need of uplifting or just to browse undiscovered sites and links. Thanks for the obvious abundance of time that you have put into this. I really enjoy it.

Monday September 01, 2003

Name: Amy

Location: New York State

E-Mail: innersanctuary@hotmail.com 

Comments: I am stunned at the content of information on this site. Everything, and I mean everything, I have learned on my own in the process of my own spiritual journey, I am getting confirmation here at your site. I am blown away, and at the same time, very quiet within. I intend to be a regular visitor here. I am very thirsty!

Thursday August 28, 2003

Name: moka

Location: wyoming

E-Mail: moka@wyoming.com 

Comments: hello I am spirit hope to hear from you spirit

Sunday August 24, 2003

Name: Jennie

Location: Illinois

E-Mail: jeni423@yahoo.com 

Comments: I love your spot on the Web. It is wonderfully done. It is inspiring.

Sunday August 24, 2003

Name: moka

Location: wyoming

E-Mail: oneworldtribe@wyoming.com 

Comments: i am spitrit

Thursday August 21, 2003

Name: Teraisa J. Rogers

Location: Carson City, Nevada United States of America

E-Mail: TeraisaRogers@TrueCrimeFanatic.com 

Comments: Love the website--the looks, the content, everything! Keep up the great work. Teraisa J. Rogers

Tuesday August 19, 2003

Name: Clyde Strickling

Location: Winston-Salem, NC

E-Mail: Augoct2@aol.com 

Comments: I found you from AHAM's link page. I will visit again and chat. A new door has opened by finding you.

Sunday August 17, 2003

Name: Gordon Rosenberg

Location: Langley (Whidbey Island) Washington

E-Mail: gordonr@whidbey.com 

Comments: "hi" to all of us lightworkers ... get in touch if you like

Monday August 11, 2003

Name: hawk mc ginnis

Location: China

E-Mail: hawk@hawkwalk.com 

Comments: my pleasure to visit the site

Thursday July 17, 2003


Location: MX


Comments: BRAVO !!

Thursday July 17, 2003

Name: Barbara Acosta

Location: Staten Island, NY

E-Mail: bacosta@stroock.com 

Comments: I love your website.

Thursday July 17, 2003

Name: yaqoob akhtar

Location: malaysia (kuala lumpur)

E-Mail: yaqoobakhtar@hotmail.com 

Comments: wonderful, informative, interesting and worth visiting again n again thanx for all this namaste

Wednesday July 16, 2003

Name: Terri

Location: Nashville

E-Mail: tnbabidoll@aol.com 


Monday July 14, 2003

Name: Lee

Location: Boston

E-Mail: Bootsmdforwlkin@aol.com

Comments: Fabulous website! I will be back often........thank you :).

Saturday July 05, 2003

Name: Terri

Location: Nashville, Tennessee

E-Mail: TnBabiDoll@aol.com 

Comments: Thank you for this wonderful site. Namaste.

Saturday June 28, 2003

Name: Blaine Donald

Location: Edmonton

E-Mail: bdonald@interbaun.com 

Comments: I visited this site a few months ago and have just returned. It has so much to offer and some excellent guidance.

Tuesday June 24, 2003

Name: Tasha Zahn

Location: Eugene, Oregon

E-Mail: tasha@opn.org 

Comments: We run a nonprofit public access and educational community technology center in Eugene, and are looking for ways to further develop our learning and community networking programs.

Sunday June 22, 2003

Name: Charyl Miller Pingleton

Location: Wyoming USA right now


Comments: Hello! I love this site!!! On the subject, read my entry in the Lightworker's Directory!

Namaste! Charyl-

Wednesday June 18, 2003

Name: Heather

Location: Boise, ID .

E-Mail: Hthml@aol.com 

Comments: I found Ya'll, YEH!

You All have done a wonderful job, with this site.

Thank You, for I have come this far, starting over

twice. Moving! It was You All who, inspired Me.

I have not, "Given Up."

Blessings to All

Heather hthml@aol.com

Sunday June 15, 2003

Name: susan

Location: new york

E-Mail: mloonete@netzero.net 

Comments: i want to be added to ur mailing list

Saturday June 14, 2003




Comments: i think your site is really cool!

Tuesday June 10, 2003

Name: Karen Beekman

Location: Harrison, Ohio

E-Mail: ksueszoo@aol.com 

Comments: This is a great web site. There is so much more for me to read. Keep up the great work. Oh! By the way, VICKIVEIL sent me.

Tuesday June 10, 2003

Name: Ed Hazzard

Location: Syracuse, NY

E-Mail: eagle46481@aol.com 

Comments: I belong to Unity church where we have a framed picture of the word "Namaste" and its meaning on the wall as you walk into our church. I look for the divine in everyone I meet. And I try hard to remind MYSELF that I am a divine being made manifest in human form.

Sunday June 08, 2003

Name: Suzi

Location: NJ

E-Mail: jrzygirl@earthlink.net 

Comments: Beautiful site, Serenity...keep shinin' on!!!

Sunday June 08, 2003

Name: maria ham

Location: maine, usa

E-Mail: bobham@adelphia.net 

Comments: anyone interested in ascension and related topics please contact me

Tuesday June 03, 2003

Name: donna jean

Location: valencia ca

E-Mail: cminersd@aol.com

Comments: i am in love

Monday June 02, 2003

Name: Serenity

Comments: Thank you Andrew! I am so happy to be able to be of service. You are so sweet to have written and let me know that I have made a difference in your life. I am forever grateful! Namaste Sweet One! May all your days be filled with joy and prosperity!

Love, Serenity

Thursday May 29, 2003

Name: Andrew Farrell

Location: Syracuse NY

E-Mail: andrew1111@earthlimk.net 

Comments: This is my first visit to Serenity's web site even though I have been receiving Serenity's daily emails for more than two years. I value her daily emails, have gained from their context and have found about other valuable sites through them. I have forwarded emails occasionally with my own instructions as to how they can subscribe to the emails and I know quite a few have subscribed.

Serenity, you are performing a valuable service to the world and doing it quite well. Keep up the great work. I did notice the notation on the bottom of a recent email politely requesting a love donation from anyone who chooses to do so. My financial situation isn't good at the moment but I will send something because I do appreciate what you are doing.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Namaste, Andrew

Tuesday May 27, 2003

Name: Raul Martinez

Location: Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico


Comments: My first time visiting this page. Very interesting and very atractive presentation. Congratulations and keep on going!. Raul.

Thursday May 22, 2003

Name: Viv

Location: Sydney, Australia


Comments: I love this sight, it is absolutely beautiful and I visit everyday except Sat and Sun., see I don't have access to a computer during these days. Lots of information, I have learnt a lot here. Keep up the good work! Your art is beautiful. You are a very creative and generous person.

Namaste Viv

Wednesday May 21, 2003

Name: Bonni

Location: Ontario, Canada

E-Mail: reikibon@hotmail.com

Comments: Very nice and informative. Just one more place to drop by for some spiritual r+r. As a lightworker thare is no such thing as too much information as all knowledge is potentially worthwhile. Keep doing what you do and I'll check in regularly. Namaste.

Tuesday May 20, 2003

Name: Jessica

Location: Ladner Vancouver Canada

E-Mail: earthlink@telus.net

Comments:Hello fellow lightworkers i am so happy that there so many lightworkers world wide! I am very glad to know that I am not alone in my beliefs. I am 20 years old and have yet to find anyone my age who is into this stuff and want to promote this knowledge to movies animations. So if you live near me or are intersted in meeting a fellow lightworker please email me. I SEND YOU ALL LOTS OF LOVE AND LIGHT !

Saturday May 17, 2003

Name: John Lorenzen

Location: Mill Bay British Columbia Canada

E-Mail: cjlorenzen@shaw.ca

Comments: Very nice and informative site

Saturday May 17, 2003

Name: John Lorenzen

Location: Mill Bay Vancouver Island British Columbia Canada

Very Interesting site



Monday May 12, 2003

Name: Serenity

Location: Gulf Coast

Comments: Hello Sweet One!

I am so happy to have you here for a visit. I'm sorry the text is hard for you to read but I think I might have a solution. :)

If you will check your display properties I believe this will help. Not only on my site but many out there. :) Here's how...

Go to your Desktop and right click anywhere that is not on an icon.

When the drop down box pops up left click on Properties.

Click on the Settings tab.

Under Colors choose True Color (32 Bit)

Click Apply and OK.

This should give you the correct color of the text whick is really a bright berry rather than a dark purple. I would go in and change the text color if I didn't have to do it to 250 or more pages. I do hope this helps as I would really like for you to read the marvelous writting I have here.

Blessings, Serenity

Sunday May 11, 2003

Name: Harmony

Location: Norway

E-Mail: hkieding@yahoo.com

Comments: Alas, I can hardly read the text on your site!! Dark purple text on black is not enough of a contrast for me to read, unfortunately. I was sent the url to your site from a friend and was looking forward to exploring it well, too... hope I can come back at some point and navigate my way around it..

Sunday May 11, 2003

Name: john

Location: UK


Comments: Medical control map--how the medical industry controls your medical beliefs http://www.whale.to/m/map.html

Sunday May 11, 2003

Name: Madelyn

Location: Ct.

E-Mail: maddie7719@aol.com

Comments: this is the first time on this site, it looks very interesting. Thank you

Saturday May 10, 2003

Name: Geneva Darden

Location: Florida

E-Mail: genevadarden@hotmail.com

Comments: I love your site.

Saturday April 26, 2003

Name: Jacquie C

Location: California

E-Mail: anima33@msn.com 

Comments: What a beautiful and healing site - Thank-You ... Namaste---Jacquie C

Thursday April 24, 2003

Name: Tami Labig-Duquette

Location: Indiana

E-Mail: tamilabigduquette@insightbb.com 

Comments: I so enjoy receiving Serenity's hope in my email, some days it really helps me stay focused on what is really important! What a wonderful thing this web site, I imagine it takes a lot of time and patience, and I Thank You for all the efforts made!! If there is anything i can do to help, let me know! I would so so without hesitance!

Namaste, Tami

Wednesday April 23, 2003

Name: Nancye Bright

Location: NC

E-Mail: nbright@poloralphaluren.com 

Comments: This is a wonderful, peaceful site and just what I was looking for.

Tuesday April 22, 2003

Name: violet

Location: uk

E-Mail: acolet@aol.com

Comments: Beautiful site full of interesting & enlightening quotes and readings.

Friday April 18, 2003

Name: Nina Hall

Location: Bremerton, WA

E-Mail: nhirish4ever@webtv.net

Comments: a relaxing, feel good site, can't get into the cafe for chat/no java? Peace and blessings...

Tuesday April 15, 2003

Name: Lisa Watkins

Location: Olympia, WA

E-Mail: LWatkins@stmartin.edu

Comments: Absolutely wonderful site! Bless you Serenity!

Tuesday April 08, 2003

Name: Jo Knoblauch

Location: CT USA

E-Mail: a.plus.accounting@snet.net 

Comments: great site!

Tuesday March 25, 2003

Name: Ix'chel

Location: California

E-Mail: http://ixchel_antares.tripod.com

Comments: I love your site! It is such a fresh & sweet breath of air. Thanks Serenity!

Monday March 24, 2003

Name: Jerome

Location: Seattle Washington

E-Mail: jeromeraleigh@aol.com

Comments: Wow I was looking at meanings of chakras which had come up yesterday which has lead me to namaste cafe. I'm really happy to be here. I have a friend who is Buddhist and always ends her phone message with Namaste. I always wanted to know what it meant and would forget to ask her. Now I know. I am at work right now, but I am looking forward to coming back to Namaste Cafe. What a beautiful website.

Sunday March 23, 2003


Location: SPAIN


Comments: HI RA ! THE WORDS SEE AND SEEM ARE THE *ONLY REALITY* In nahual DON JUAN - - carlos castaneda books -- In other words --VIRTUAL REALITY-- TODAY !! WEB--PEOPLE...

Saturday March 22, 2003


Location: SPAIN


Comments:----ENJOY LIFE ! ------ WITH YOUR HELP... OR MINE !

Saturday March 22, 2003

Name: RA

Location: LAGUNA-MX

E-Mail: ASTROS@prodigy.net.mx


Friday March 14, 2003

Name: Teri Lindsey

Location: Pennsylvania

E-Mail: Theralynd@aol.com 

Comments: Newly introduced to this site and eager to delve into more.

Thursday March 13, 2003

Name: william l. cherry

Location: whitehall, Pa.

E-Mail: mrmuddbone@aol.com 

Comments: I need to see the rest before I would like to comment

Thursday March 13, 2003

Name: Nancy

Location: St Paul, MN

E-Mail: nannersu@hotmail.com 

Comments: What a beautiful site! I love it! I would very much like to connect with others who can "see" diseases in humans. Thanks for sharing.

Thursday March 13, 2003

Name: Laurie Norton

Location: Toronto, Ontario (Praying to be somewhere warm and near water)

E-Mail: pamelaplaya@hotmail.com 

Comments: I think your site is so awesome I have just shared your link with many people all around the world. Thank you for being here.

Namaste Laurie

Wednesday March 12, 2003

Name: ANA

Location: BUFFALO,NY



Tuesday March 11, 2003

Name: Karin

Location: Alberta, Canada

E-Mail: wondrinwhy@shaw.ca 

Comments: Serenity, I have enjoyed my time here tonight. Thank you for sharing your light with us. You have clearly poured your heart and soul into Namaste Cafe. May all your visitors not only find a spiritual gift here, but leave one behind for you also.

Tuesday March 11, 2003

Name: Trisha

Location: England

E-Mail: patricia@scargill9370.fsnet.co.uk 

Comments: Any one out there got any good advice for a totally stressed out woman Ive a sick daughter and have just been abandoned by my lover Help!

Sunday March 09, 2003

Name: Trish

Location: England

E-Mail: Patricia@scargill9370.fsnet.co.uk 

Comments: I thought it was a really good site keep up the good work

Tuesday March 04, 2003

Name: Laura Bowes Location:north wales

E-Mail: lauracrystalrose@yahoo.com 

Comments: I asked my guides to lead me to a site that would answer the questions i needed answering. I have looked at other sites before and not really found the answers i required.That evening i logged onto my pc and found your site. I am really grateful i found my answers in symptoms of spiritual awakening blessings to whoever submitted that page it gave me my answers and was brilliant thank you Laura Bowes

Tuesday February 25, 2003

Name: Renee

Location: Lebanon, Ohio

E-Mail: rmjm6998@yahoo.com

Comments: I have been on my spiritual quest for five years now, any help in developing my senses and awareness would be greatly appreciated!

Sunday February 23, 2003

Name: colin hughes

Location: eccles, manchester,uk

E-Mail: colin@hamilcar.freeserve.co.uk 


Thursday February 20, 2003

Name: Private Krankenversicherung Vergleich



Comments: Nice page, a lot of good information -;) please visit also my page <a href="http://www.private-krankenversicherung-leistungen.de">Private Krankenversicherung Vergleich</a>.

Saturday February 15, 2003

Name: Susan Geddes

Location: Ontario Canada

E-Mail: suzplace@hotmail.com 

Comments: thank you for the information and explanations of what's happening to me. I am awestruck by the 'coincidence' of finding this today, at this time in my life. I have had many life altering changes, most not so easy to deal with and accept. I now understand. bless you, Susan

Thursday February 06, 2003

Name: Ed Wardell

Location: Warrington, PA

E-Mail: duke8747@yahoo.com 

Comments: This site seems to be a warm and comfortable place on-line to go and just relax. I like it, so far!

Sunday February 02, 2003

Name: Barry

Location: Doncaster...united kingdom

E-Mail: Newageways@lycos.co.uk 

Comments: I am a big believer in the practical uses of Reiki, and would like to contact anyone using it on a NONE profit/teaching path...? NOT looking for romance or physical love, just to share comments, views and ideology on this and other new age subjects... Namaste' Barry

Friday January 31, 2003

Name: Sheila

Location: Papillion, NE

E-Mail: SLT7863@aol.com 

Comments: Enjoyed your site!

Wednesday January 29, 2003

Name: Dawn

Location: Spokane Washington

E-Mail: mamadawnx2@aol.com 

Comments: first time visitor. I just typed in Namaste on my search engine and look where I was lead. I'm going to check it out and I have a feeling that I will love it! Thanks

Saturday January 25, 2003

Name: suzyq


E-Mail: suzyqw47@aol.com 

Comments: first visit

Saturday January 25, 2003

Name: Bobby Menonn

Location: Beautiful place called Chennai on the East Coast of India, used to be called Madras.

E-Mail: bobbymenon@bonvod.com 

Comments: namastecafe.com is one of the most beautiful sites I've seen in a long time, the colours, the content makes one stop, stay, listen, read and when the breathing of one's own heart is in complete harmony - then, almost regrettably, one leaves - leaving footprints in the memory. This is soul stirring stuff, leaving a fragrance like some exotic smell, urging you back. Almost like some old friend. Well done, you do us Spirit Watchers proud with your handiwork.

Friday January 24, 2003

Name: Cheryl Catranbone



Comments: Serenity, I love your site. I would also like to speak with you when you have a chance. Give me a call at the yoga studio. Cheryl

Thursday January 23, 2003

Name: Bonnie Paquette

Location: Campbell River, BC

E-Mail: bonniepaquette@yahoo.ca 

Comments: What an awesome site....a job very well done. It's bookmarked now!!!!!

Thursday January 16, 2003

Name: Suzannie

Location: PA

E-Mail: HeartofGold3667@aol.com 

Comments: Just exactly what I prayed for. God Bless ... Love ... Light ... & Peace be with you.

Thursday January 09, 2003

Name: Sarah Wood

Location: Redondo beach CA

E-Mail: indigonetwork@earthlink.net 

Comments: I just wanted to thank you for linking my site www.indigonetwork.org on your site!

Wednesday January 08, 2003

Name: Butterfly

Location: Canada

E-Mail: spreadingbutterflies@yahoo.com 

Comments: not alone, togetherness

Tuesday January 07, 2003

Name: Ashley Fowke

Location: Australia

E-Mail: ashley.fowke@globalloyalty.com.au

Comments: Thank you :) Not from the bottom of my heart, but the top. :)

Saturday January 04, 2003

Name: Carol

Location: Mississippi

E-Mail: cacallon@ix.netcon.com 

Comments: I was guided to this site and will return.....very nice and refreshing

Tuesday December 31, 2002

Name: Nevyn

Location: New Mexico

E-Mail: mirgage@gilanet.com 

Comments: just surfing...waiting for Jill to come home...found your site and here I am!

Sunday December 29, 2002

Name: Michael Charalambous

Location: New Jersey

E-Mail: cyprus6777@aol.com

Comments: I never realized the power I had in myself until this site. Very informative and helpful in helping achieve a more serene and positive lifestyle. Thank you!

Friday December 27, 2002

Name: Taras Wybaczynsky

Location: La Habra Heights, CA

E-Mail: TarasW@Adelphia.Net

Comments: Thank you for helping me heal, myself and those I touch.

Love, Namaste, Taras

Saturday December 21, 2002

Name: jeny H

Location: mid-west

E-Mail: jenyoneluv2002@yahoo.com 

Comments: This is a cool sight but I want to let you know that when I went to the magazine rack none of the magazines were there.

Thursday December 26, 2002

Name: Serenity

Location: Mississippi

Comments: I know about this Magazine page problem. I have been working on it. The company that I was signed up as an associate with seems to have vanished. I started looking at other sites and their magazine sections look and respond the same as mine. I am assuming that they have gone out of business. If anyone knows anything about them I would love some info. In the meantime I am re-building that part of this site to work in association with Amazon.com. However, the selection is not as good as with the previous company. So sorry about the imposition. Please check back for new listings in the Magazine Rack soon! Namaste!

Friday December 20, 2002

Name: Lon

Location: South of Seattle

E-Mail: lon_h@hotmail.com

Comments: Share Peace & Love.....

Tuesday December 17, 2002

Name: Sharon Discorfano

Location: New York, NY



Tuesday December 17, 2002

Name: mandy biling

Location: vancouver, bc, canada

E-Mail: m_biling@hotmail.com 

Comments: I don't know what this site is about but I like it.

Saturday December 14, 2002

Name: Hector H Zorrilla

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

E-Mail: ZorrillaT@aol.com 

Comments: Excellent web site


Thursday December 05, 2002

Name: susan lima

Location: brazil

E-Mail: susanlima@hotmail.com 

Comments: It's good to know that there are so many who are also driven to spread the light, and work toward the elevation of the consciousness of humanity. Thank you, each one of you.

Tuesday November 26, 2002

Name: sue ruopp

Location: mount holly nj 08060

E-Mail: joyto@aol.com

Comments: I can get eternally lost amongst these fine pages of wisdom compounded by more wisdom and beauty. Thank you

Monday November 25, 2002

Name: Moo

Location: Cowville

E-Mail: moo@capital2.com


Monday November 25, 2002

" a woman is like a tea bag you never know how strong she is until she gets in to hot water"

from Brittany :)



        Sunday December 1, 2002

:) Thank you Sweetie! I applaud your knowledge and wisdom. It amazes me how someone that's only 12 could be so perceptive and wise. I needed to hear this again right now and I thank you for being there for me. I love you baby girl!  - Mom :)


Friday November 15, 2002

Name: Bradley

Location: Oakland,CA

Comments: Namaste: Sanskrit greeting or farewell meaning "I bow to you". Acknowledges the inherent Buddha nature in all things.

I appreciate the site and the definitions.

Wednesday November 13, 2002

Name: Pat Burton

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Comments: I have just been led to your Web Site. Spirit is truly awesome. I have barely started to enjoy all that is here. Thank you everyone responsible for such a great place.

Tuesday November 12, 2002

Name: sportie


Comments: Hi There.. I'm Crystal Gazer Sportie, from The Enchanted Realm, at The Wizards Quest.

I was just visiting your site and I think that you might really do well over at our web competition, The Wizards Quest.

There are so many exciting and fun things you can do, you'll find yourself caught up in the spirit immediately!

You can play lots of games, or create a card for someone in our cardshop, we offer graphics for your website, and so many other exciting things you'll find there, and most of all, you will meet lots of really great people from all over the world!

If you're interested, you can find The Wizards Quest by going to the following url:


There are many teams to choose from, all as fun and exciting as the next, please feel free to visit any one of them, they'll be very happy to have you drop in! My particular team is The Enchanted Realm, you may drop in on us anytime & see what you think *S* Our address is:


Come on out and take a look around... we can't wait to meet you, and you'll find yourself wanting to stay!

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Sunday November 10, 2002

Name: Connye Riebesehl

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon

Comments: I start my day reading your messages. My days are filled with love and joy in an environment full of negativity. I am fortunate to live about 45 minutes from Wilsonville where I can hear Mary Manin-Morresy in person. Your site is an important part of my spiritual pathway. Thanks for being here.

Friday November 08, 2002

Name: dolphin Location: China

Comments: I want a place to relax my spirit and my heart.

Thursday November 07, 2002

Name: Frank

Location: Plainfield, Il

Comments: What an interesting and blessed time we live. I have read so many negative aspects of our times and cannot accept that when Spirit exists in our lives, that there would be anything negative around us. as I recently wrote my dear friend in spirit, Vicki, When you no longer believe but know of God's truth in Spirit, what a tremendously awesome experience.

Prayerfully Frank

Tuesday November 05, 2002

Name: Pat Rabasa

Location: Massapequa, NY

Comments: Inner peace for everyone

Tuesday November 05, 2002

Name: Sandy

Location: Delaware

Comments: I am so glad there is so many other people out there pursuing there life's purpose. I'm not real sure how I got here, I'm not one to surf the net. I guess the energies of the universe needed me to see this. Thank You so Very Much. Peace and love to all.

Monday November 04, 2002

Name: Karen Nash

Location: Delaware

Comments: visiting from the link on intuitive tarot course (universal.com)

Sunday November 03, 2002

Name: Aviendha

Location: North Carolina, USA

Comments: Your site is fantastic, coffee and all....I could just roam around in here all afternoon. Love and light to you.

Saturday November 02, 2002

Name: Ang

Location: New Zealand

Comments: most beautiful site, thanks for the coffee and the delectable visual delights... Love is ours....

Saturday November 02, 2002

Name: Anjewel

Location: New Zealand

Comments: Your Cafe is sooo serene, so beautiful and your visual delights, well they are definitely delectable...Thank you for your hospitality...

Friday November 01, 2002


Location: MEXICO

Comments: BRAVO !!


Wednesday October 30, 2002

Name: Norm Burgomaster

Location: Ocala, Florida

Comments: What a joy! I was looking up something about Eva Bell Werber and stumbled onto your site. It swells my heart almost to bursting to know there are so many more than just myself searching the path to real Love. Maybe this old world is in the process of healing itself after all.

My areas of interest over many years includes "ACIM", Masters Of The Far East - Spalding, Walter Lanyon's writings, and as I first mentioned, Eva Bell Werber's writings.

So far, I've been going it alone. I'd be happy to rap with anyone who might like to do so.


This finally gives me a reason to justify time on-line. World healing desperately needs a site like this. Very, very impressive. Thank you

Monday October 28, 2002

Name: b

Location: http://www.coolstones.com

Comments: This is an outstanding site you put together

Wednesday October 23, 2002

Name: Prem Shantam

Location: Youngstown, N.Y.

Comments: Love will find a way.........

Friday October 18, 2002

Name: Brittany (ur lil girl)

Location: OSMS

Comments: Hi ya I'm at school now and my teacher let me get on the internet ^_^ !!! its 1:58 Oct. 18, 2002 I love you Mama

Monday October 14, 2002

Name: Sweetpeacenlove

Location: Santa Barbara, CA

Comments: Namaste, World!!!! Glad to be here with you! I love how the net serves us! Radiate Love!

Sunday October 13, 2002

Name: claudia

Location: sonora

Comments: nada

Tuesday October 08, 2002


Location: LA PAZ - MEXICO





--- L E T - I T - B E !! ----

MAIL TO -- bharis@msn.com

Thursday October 03, 2002

Name: LfaithJ

Location: MEL. FL.

Comments: I can spend hours at your wonderful site. Thank you for all the information you make available. I'M HAPPY TO JOIN WITH LIGHTWORKERS EVERYWHERE IN SENDING LOVE AND LIGHT OUT IN THE WORLD WIDE NET

Thursday October 03, 2002

Namaste Cafe is very beautiful, very kind site with a lot of wisdom. Good luck!

Evgeny http://spiritdimension.com

Tuesday October 01, 2002

Name: Tracey aka intuey

Location: Pensacola, Florida *USA*

Comments: I absolutely love your site! I have been here many times and have it on my fav's-

I can tell a lot of love, passion and hard work has gone into making a site of your beliefs...thank you!

Light, Love and Laughter, Tracey http://groups.yahoo.com/group/gatherersofthelight


Friday September 27, 2002

Name: Tiger Lillie

Location: Ocean springs Ms

Comments: I love your website. Its soo nice and I know you spent a lot of time on it. I was there !!!^_^ Love your little girl!!!!

Tuesday September 17, 2002

Name: dizzyblonde_3

Location: england uk

Comments: i just wanted to say i loved your web site, there are loads of helpful tips ,and it is very interesting to read . i have been interested in lots of subjects covered on this site. I have also been on my own spiritual path and i look forward to learning lots more, the world is your oyster comes to mind ... explore and be truly enlightened.....

Friday September 13, 2002

Name: Brenda

Location: Alberta Canada

Comments: This is a beautiful site with so much to offer. The word Namaste has given new meaning to my life. Thank you for your inner creativity to bring this site to everyone. Namaste Brenda

Friday September 13, 2002

Name: Helen

Location: Sweden

Comments: Nice site. It would be fun to get friends who also are on their "spiritual paths" (Pauline Hulston, You can mail me if you want to) Would like to have friends from all over the world. Bye from a Swedish flowergirl.

Peace and light Vishnu191@hotmail.com

Wednesday September 11, 2002

Name: Stephen

Location: Clear Lake Shores, Texas

Comments: Live the FEARLESS Life.....Peace to all.....NO WAR!!!

Wednesday September 11, 2002

Name: gemeyea

Location: Oregon

Comments: great site! I so look forward to exploring it through and through and meeting some of the other people who come here

Tuesday September 10, 2002

Name: Dave Wish

Location: U.K.

Comments: this site was recommended by a close friend, after viewing it I can understand why.

love & light

Tuesday September 10, 2002

Name: wolfeyes42-sharon

E-Mail: motherwolf41@hotmail & motherwolf40@yahoo.com

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Comments: wado enjoyed the site greatly. would like to hear from others on any site.. trying to learn more of my heritage.. my grandmother was Cherokee.. immensely interested. I have a great love for the wolves as my grandmother was from the wolfclan in the states of NY...toska

Friday September 06, 2002

Name: Serenity


Your angels often communicate messages to you by showing you sequences of numbers. They do this in two ways. First they subtly whisper in your ear so that you'll look up in time to notice the clock's time or a phone number on a billboard. The angels hope you'll be aware that your seeing this same number sequence repeatedly. For instance, you may frequently see the number sequence 111, and it seems that every time you look at the clock the time reads 1:11 or 11:11.

111 - Monitor your thoughts carefully and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don't want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flashbulb. It means that the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting it into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling and monitoring your thoughts).

Thursday August 22, 2002

Name: Pauline Hulston

Location: House 87, Redditch, Worcestershire, England B98 8QN

Comments: I am on my spiritual path and confused as to why I often see '11.11' as I go about my day. Is this something I should know!

Light and Blessings

Tuesday August 20, 2002

Name: SunE (pronounced Sunny)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Comments: This is a very calming, soothing site, I was looking up information on Chakras and it was wonderful the way it was displayed. Peace, SunE

Thursday August 01, 2002

Name: Ms. Butterfly

Location: Ottawa Canada

Comments: I have not been here in a few months ~ WOW ~ Love your new look ~ Just love all the beautiful colours on the site ~ and the lovely energy ~ Keep up the wonderful work.

PS: Just love the new look of the Newsletter also.

Thanks for being you.

Wednesday July 31, 2002

Name: Tarot Poet

Location: D/FW Tex

Comments: You are talented/smiling big now!!!!

Tuesday July 23, 2002

Name: William "Bill" Dick

Location: Fayetteville, Georgia

Comments: Nothing happens by accident

Tuesday July 23, 2002

Name: Annie

Location: Maryland

Comments: I have been going through a rough period in my life and wondered if there were any other people on the Spiritual path that felt as I do . I have felt depressed and lonely lately and my usual positive outlook has disappeared. I thought that maybe if I could find anyone else wading through this experience that perhaps we could be supportive for each other . Blessings, Annie AEM7578@AOL.com

Saturday July 13, 2002

Name: john

Location: Fort Valley, Virginia

Comments: beautiful site with great information. Thanks Serenity for all the work you have done here

Saturday July 06, 2002

Name: LightLizard (Wayne Wilson)

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada (Vancouver Island)

Comments: So happy to find another site dedicated to the light, love and healing of All! Thank you! Visit another place of love www.chopra.com and join the prayer circle! See my site www.freewebz.com/taiji3/index.htm Love! LL

Tuesday July 02, 2002

Name: Mike Saari

Location: Northern Ontario, Canada

Comments: Way cool, thanx fer the link

Sunday June 30, 2002

Name: Carole Ann

Location: New Hampshire

Comments: I am so fortunate to have wandered onto this site. I went all over this site and enjoyed it all. Hope there's new stuff to come. Carole Ann

Saturday June 29, 2002

Name: Uncle Billy

Location: Presently Sarasota, Florida

Comments: Awsome Now let me share back. Uncle Billy, grew up in a small West Texas town called Alpine. He had three sisters and heart of an explorer. The lessons he learned as a child molded him into the person he is today. He believes that in any endeavor we take on, there are first some basic yet very important lessons to learn. How well we remember and apply these simple lessons will determine how much "REAL" progress we make. And it is his true desire, that the following stories will help many others to reflect on their growth and the effects of life on these very principles. And return to, or visit for the first time, the happiness of "Living in the Moment". http://www.angelfire.com/biz4/UncleBilly/century.html UncleBilly@excite.com 

Friday June 28, 2002

Name: Iris

Location: Baltimore, MD

Comments: Love the site; please feel free to visit mine: Soul Journey- http://www.souljourney.homestead.com We hope you will keep up the good work-- blessings & namaste, Iris

Friday June 28, 2002

Name: wendy

Location: Liverpool. England

Comments: I loved your website, brilliant, keep up the good work and best wishes xxxxx

Friday June 28, 2002

Name: Ode

Location: TX

Comments: you said it, we are one. love&shine

Tuesday June 25, 2002

Name: mary ogden brantley

Location: Connecticut


the public is soooooo fortunate to have your most eclectic and original and most inspiring and helpful site. you are a plethora of good for a very tired planet.

Tuesday June 25, 2002

Name: lightman

Location: N. Ireland

Comments: We only know who we are when we meet ourselves . Most of us do not even know we are alive. Ah! the dark brightness of the dead who move as robots through creation.

Tuesday June 18, 2002

Name: Serenity


Comments: I check the links at least every few weeks and had not seen any "dead" links on the horoscope page. I can assure you that this site is very "live" and additions are made weekly. I'm sorry that you didn't have a very good visit this time but I am sure if you come back again you will. :) Thanks for visiting!

Monday June 17, 2002

Name: Pumog

Location: UK

Comments: loads of your astro site links are dead - and I see you only reviewed this in April - wonder if this site itself is still "live"?!! Love the site, but at the same time I hate sites that look "live" and in fact are long since "dead"!!!

Sunday June 16, 2002

Name: Lois F. Jones

Location: Melbourne, Florida

Comments: When I come to a site like this it makes me very happy that I have a computer, I'm sure I'll spend lots of quality time just going through all that you have made available. Thank You

Thursday June 13, 2002

Name: Rhonda

Location: New Orleans

Comments: Awesome site glad I found it

Tuesday June 11, 2002

Name: Debra l. Griffin

Location: Belzoni

Comments: Interesting concept. I hope you do well.

Sunday June 09, 2002

Name: Karen

Location: Washington

Comments: Your web site has opened my soul to healing and growth. Thank you for this wonderful and loving peaceful place.

Sunday June 02, 2002

Name: linett@aol.com

Location: sandeiagoca

Comments: how come I don't have female angel.

Thursday May 30, 2002

Name: Joan Williams

Location: Lake Wales, Fl

Comments: New guest - just checking out what people think about universal consciousness guiding us.

Thursday May 30, 2002

Name: Kathleen

Location: St. Louis, MO

Comments: Your website is AWESOME!!!

Sunday May 26, 2002

Name: Helen

Location: Florida

Comments: I found this web site when I did a search for free tarot web sites. This was a link on one of those, so I just stumbled in here.

Thursday May 16, 2002

Name: Merne

Location: Canada

Comments: Kewl site! Keep up the great work.

Monday May 06, 2002



Comments: Found this site, as I was surfing.. and God had to know I needed this right now. The words of hope and the poetry that I found here... makes me know what I have gone thru.. and what lies in front of me .. will all be for the best... THANK YOU...

Saturday May 04, 2002

Name: DYCE

Location: Las Vegas , Nv. USA

Comments: PLUR~ Peace Love Unity Respect!

Saturday May 04, 2002

Name: KB Location: US

Comments: This is the best site I've ever seen!

Thursday May 02, 2002

Name: Phyllis

Location: Kansas City

Comments: I just found your website - and am very excited. I'll be visiting you daily!

Monday April 29, 2002

Name: Lois

Location: New Orleans, La.

Comments: Beautiful site! New here, will comment more at future date.

Thursday April 25, 2002

Name: Mona

Location: Mass

Comments: I just linked here and am very awed by the work you have done. I know we are sent here for our own reasons and I am very glad I was lead here. Thank you for all your light and all your able to do for the universe each and every day!

Monday April 22, 2002

Name: Joanne Griffin

Location: Magnolia, Texas

Comments: Thank you for being here.

Thursday April 11, 2002

Name: Mateja Petje

Location: Miami, FL


Sunday April 07, 2002

Name: Lightbearer

Location: http://www.angelfire.com/realm/twinflames/lightbearer

Comments: Lori (Lori's Angel Loft) sent me here... and I have enjoyed Serenity's Hope, sent many friends here... and enjoyed many visits to your website. Glad you're here! A true Lightworker's beacon on the internet. Thanks for all you do. Love and Light, Lightbearer

Saturday April 06, 2002

Name: Sue Z

Location: Doylestown, PA

Comments: From the welcoming gate at your Cafe entrance to the marvelous paths you offer for renewing spirit, Namaste Cafe is a delightful place. Thank you for sharing your light.

Saturday March 16, 2002

Name: John P

Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Comments: Nice place you've got here. What's it like to run a CyberCafe?

Tuesday March 12, 2002

Name: David

Location: Vancouver


I have the following comments on an adaptation by Dr. David Wiesner which was a poem about masks:

No, I don't think it's a nice poem, I mean we all wear masks to some degree, but to try and make other people responsible for our own "masks" is ludicrous and cowardly, if you (and I use "you" in a general, worldly sense and mainly directed at the author) know you wear a mask then you're choosing whether you want to or not, and to try and blame it on a lack of acceptance and love from others is misleading... it's our own lack of acceptance from within ourselves that makes us want to wear masks, and to think that you can expect other people to know that when you're angry really means your hurt is only going to make the situation worse, because now you feel you have a right to expect people to be mind readers because you've stated it in poetry, and when they're not, the feeling of rejection is exponential. Furthermore, if the author thinks that others will give him the strength to not wear his masks by putting up with his abusive "oh I'm really hurting, that's why I lash out at you in anger" behavior than he will continue to lead a very lonely life full of useless masks...and no, that is not me, and I resent the blanket statement of "I am every man and woman and child, I am you". Be a man or women and take responsibility for your own insecurities and the way you treat people regardless of how other people have treated you, you can't change that, the only thing you can change is how you view yourself and how you treat others. If you need support, or understanding, ask for it in English or whatever language, don't lash out in anger and expect compassion for your anger from the whole world because what you really mean is you hurt.

Sunday March 03, 2002

Name: Peaceful

Location: California

Comments: Wonderful site....elated that spirit has guided me here.....blessings to you and all who visit.




I love your site. it is wonderful!!

Hope TN


This is Santosh from India. Since my childhood (3 to 4 years old), I used to feel I could fly, I not what I am... I would and am seeing Hindu deities in my dream... I feel I am not doing what I am supposed to do... Most of the time I was and I am confused... On visiting ur site, now I am a little relieved that its not only me who is in this state.. there are many and reading ur articles I feel somehow some things are falling in place... All I can say is "tvamekam sharanam mama"  Oh! god I surrender to u"


Thank you for offering such a wonderful place to enlighten your spirit.

Keep Shining!


With all the conflict in the world today it is so peaceful to be amongst "familiar" souls who also yearn for peace and happiness. Thank you for such a wonderful site.


The act of betrayal from a very close one is a difficult thing to overcome. I appreciate the wisdom I am finding on this site to help me get back to the core of me, and not concentrate on the pain I have been having to handle.


I believe it is wonderful to be able to live life itself. We take so many things for granted. Stop for a minute and thank God for what you do have instead of whining about what you don't have.

Always, April Jene JRLTS@aol.com

Monday February 25, 2002

Name: Serenity

Location: Mississippi

Comments: Thank you all so much for signing the Cafe Guestbook and saying such beautiful things! I look forward to reading it everyday! :)

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